Blocked at Riding to ruin "Follow the posse". -Help center

Very inconvenient if I may say. Only way around if you don’t have access to a recent save is to join a game just before it.

Which I happen to have one! :slight_smile:
Turn out if you rush the dlc story with a low level character. It’s not very long to do and the drops are good. So you are welcome to make one and add your name. :+1:

Only have it on normal mode at the moment. I will make one on TVHM but maybe not right now. Played it a lot already lately. :wink:
Both normal and TVHM missions are available. Mayhem 7 or lower. As per request.

So if you need help. Leave a post here or send me a fr on PSN. Tag is the same Dr_Do-Little. Make sure you specify the progress blocker.

People who may be interested to know.
@Vaulthunter101 @piratebones2 @zer0blivion @SJGinNJ @BloodFD


Myself and piratebones at least are on XB1. Not sure about the others.

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I know you are but you both can potentially see a post or hear about on someone PS4.
Beside I kept the first post short but I wasn’t sure about the title. Where to put it… Online play?

Oh, I see - didn’t quite get why you had @ mentioned me there.

Yeah, on-line play might be a good spot - it’s where I’ve been pointing folks who’ve run in to the issue.

Edit: moved

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Good idea Doc. :+1: I’ve been keeping tabs on this issue and will post it when I have a character on standby to aid someone on XB1 or refer them here if on PS4.

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I am now a team! Yeah!

Opdated OP. -> TVHM run is now set.

We had our first “customer”! Yeah!

Thanks to @SJGinNj for playing guinea pig. :wink:
So save spot is confirmed. Now I know where and when to quit. Just have to make sure we’re not leaving crew challenges or chest behind. Didn’t really paid attention to that specifically the two occasions I completed the DLC before.

Updating OP to specify Run will be done at Mayhem 7 or lower in TVHM. As per requested by the “customer” Normal is with Mayhem off. Story not finished on that character yet.

Higher difficulty levels will probably be available at a later date. Much later… Not a priority for now.

Anybody on PS4 with one of these saved files on Normal?

Thank you so much Do-Little. Real life saver.

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Always a pleasure to help. :slight_smile:

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