Blockhead + Chaotic Neutral Rogue......Wow!

I have always loved the Blockhead…but it kinda falls by the wayside for a Commando as you get into the OP Levels.

Not so for Zer0…

Velocity, Precision, TwoFang, and a Chaotic Neutral Rogue Com plus Deception and Zer0’s Critical Hit bonuses…take that Shotgun into a totally different realm.

Velocity at 10/5 or 11/5 makes the pellets go so fast and the square of pellets is so tight…and Precision helps.
And The Chaotic Neutral gives it a much, MUCH nicer magazine
And gives it “Dat Firerate”…which is boosted even further by a boosted TwoFang at 10/5 or 11/5

Just oh my!

The Blockhead is now a machinegun…

Try it…you’ll like it!


I may have to try the Blockhead with Zero. Haven’t done so, yet.

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Ya know, this just got me thinking…I don’t think I’ve tried the Omen with him. I’ve definitely b0red Hyperius with my Blockhead though.

I gotta try the Omen now. lol

edit: and of course, I use the gun elsewhere. Fantastic piece of gear.

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You’ve just given me incentive to push my UVHM Zer0 up the final few levels.

Edit: Was running my level 38 Zer0 the other night with a Deputy’s Badge and a Striker. I forget my actual build, but man, the reload speed after getting a kill… who needs deception when you can spam shotgun pellets?