Blocking Followers

There are some randome players following me in Xbox live. Some of these might be BL3 players. I wanna block all of them so they can’t follow or see my feed.

But I still want them to be able to play with them in pub games – meaning if John creates a game and I join his game. Then Jeff, the one I blocked, joins John game.

So we see each other in game. Is this possible?

Also everyone I blocked won’t be able to add or send me items right?

I believe this is something to do with the XBox settings, rather than BL3 specifically. You can explore your various options through Settings > Account > Privacy & online safety > XBox Live Privacy. You might want to check the MS support pages, as there are a lot more options than there used to be.

As far as restricting your game, you can set your personal game to private or invite only. In your example with John creating a game and you joining, since John is host it’s his settings that would govern who else could join. Note that, depending on your privacy settings, once in game these can affect your ability to hear and talk to other uses, especially if you have blocked them.

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