Bloddy harvest rewards and tasks did not reset from last year

I played a run through of blood harvest yesterday and afterwards when to check the events screen to see what tasks I needed to complete. However all my tasks and rewards say they are complete and offer the same rewards as last year. How can I get .y account to reset for this years Bloody Harvest?


I was wondering that as well. I completed the whole event last year on my first main, Flak. They still have all of the challenges completed, so no way to complete it this year? At least I was working towards this on different characters, so I should be able to get the rewards. But I feel for anyone who plays a single character.

I’m having th same issue.

A number of people have encountered this, definitely hope there will be a solution other than having to redo everything on a different character.

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I’m having the same problem. I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling the event and doing a hard reset on my Xbox, but nothing is working.

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Is it only people playing flak having the issue?

Also I am in talks with someone though gearbox right now hopefully he will find a solution.

I have the problem with Amara.

Same problem here. I even opened a support ticket on the issue. All I am getting from them is basically the run around.


Yeah I got the typical run around at first had to reinstall the game. Lol, but now the issue has been pushed up to the developers and they are working to solve the issue. They said to keep your eye on there Twitter for information when the fix comes out.


Thanks for that info! Good to know!