Blog Post: Homeworld Remastered Collection’s Mod Tools

Check out our latest blog post on that contains a bit of insight into mod support for Homeworld Remastered Collection:



Titillation…Quite arousing…

(Too much? Sorry)


Very awesome news to hear. I know that a lot of us are eager to crack open the remastered and see what we can do. I do hope that the tools that are eventually released have really detailed documentation on the various file formats and their capabilities. I know for the longest time over at Relicnews our mod community was flying blind ripping the game apart.

interesting i did not expect any shred of support for classic mods.

Looks like the first point of call for many mods will be to make an initial release for Homeworld/Homeworld 2 classic before moving on to the remaster! :smiley:

Was just going to post about it. Your new forums are great as they pointed me here instead of duping the post.

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stares at 6,184 files in the warlords directory… I think I will start with Rehash…

will any part of existing mods work in the remastered version?


Soooo… How about 'dem tools?

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Tools, guides, examples, reference materials - all in the pipe. BUT - I hope you understand that step one of a release this scale is to get any properly critical bugs out of the way; crashes, major gameplay hindrances, etc. And that’s where our energy is right now.

I’ve spent lots of time thinking about how to get Mod stuff for RM started, as well as where it needs to evolve - but communicating that clearly takes time and room to think. Hunting and killing the odd crash or severe weirdness leaves little room for that (not to mention that my thoughts and overall team plan are 2 different things).


We hope so, we really have only that last hope… XD

Man how much I loved that mod! This time I want my fully operational Death Star! And planets exploding hell yeah!

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Hi BitVenom,
Fix the game, release patches, rebalance, whatever - take your time, we can wait.
HWRE is awesome already, thanks for all of your attention !


Loved your work on the warlords mod, and i would love to see it in the remastered.
Hopefully as it is working on a modified HW2 engine there will be some compatibility

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