Blood Bath Resource Guide Redux

Should this be Love Thumper nova?

Ayup. I mainly copy and pasted from Blut’s old thread, but I’ll get that updated. Thanks for the catch.

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Do you need someone to test if light the fuse procs blood bath?

If you’re up for it, go right ahead. Also, if you have any non-red text Torgue shotguns, test them out as well. I’m pretty sure my Ravager was processing BB consistently, but I’d have to test it again to be sure.

I can test the ravenger and light the fuse tonight or tomorrow anything else need testing?

I just tested it. Light the fuse seems to be a 100% chance to process. And the ravenger was about 50/50 but, seemed to process more on critical kills(it may just be dumb luck tho)

Thanks Pimp. I’ll update the OP.

Anything else? Also your welcome.

That’s because Bloodbath procs from kills achieved with the splash portion of damage; the projectiles from weapons such as the ravager, swordsplosion, omen and blockhead carry both impact and splash damage while carnage’s projectile only has splash damage thus every kill is a guaranteed proc.

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I know that’s why I said 50/50. It may just be me but when I got a critical kill it seemed to always process.

Not that I can think of, but if you think of anything, go ahead and test it.

The Teeth of Terra can 50/50 proc it now. You might need to test the shotguns again b/c of the 10/29 patch.

You heard the man, Pimp. Let me know if you can’t test a certain weapon and I’ll take it out for a spin.

If I can get a op1 or below teeth I’ll test it. But isn’t the teeth in the top gear thread because it can process bloodbath?

It’s an HM, but I’ll get the OP updated.

So it can process it or do we need to re test it?

It can process now I believe.

Tested: December 10th, 2015


The grenade from “pull the pin” can process BB right?

I doubt it because that only happens when you die. Even if it did it wouldn’t matter because you wouldn’t be alive in time for BB to be active.