Blood Bath's Grenade increase

Does Blood Bath’s grenade increase also lower the chance of other items, or are they simply added to the loot as extra spawns?

Pretty sure it is just added.

I would be shocked if it was otherwise.

that’s what i thought, since i’ll see like 10 grenades plus other stuff.

Agreed, I feel like it would be a lot easier to just add a chance for an additional drop that it would be to change the general drop algorithm.

Yea, that was my line of thinking.


I feel as though I would’ve noticed by now, considering that 1/2 the community has some form good luck charm routine whilst farming.

It doesn’t change the loot pool drop rates in my experience.

I believe it just boosts the chances of a grenade dropping ridiculously high and that in itself is separate from the loot pool. If it was different than Krieg players geared with 5+ points in Blood Bath would be getting noticeably less loot than other characters.