Blood Drive Glitch - No Fast Travel Location for Splinter(something)

I advanced to the mission Blood Drive with a level 37 siren.
After Tannis was kidnapped from the vault I returned to Sanctuary, sold excess loot, picked up the ECHOnet Neutrality quest along with the kill contracts for Rakkman and Tarantella.

Went to proceed with the Blood Drive mission by using the fast travel system. Orbit view shows Pandora with the (diamond) marker for the next location. Select Pandora and I have only 3 zones - Covenant Pass, The Droughts, and Ascension Bluff.

I’ve dropped out and reloaded, shut the game down and relaunched then reloaded, and gone so far as to unplug my Xbox for a clean boot then relaunched and reloaded.

Nothing. Still only the same 3 Pandora Zones.

Any fix or workaround for this?

Go to The Droughts and meet Vaughn he will show you the way.

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You. Are. Awesome!

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: