Blood Harvest Bugged Challenges Page

Quitting to the menu, and entirely quitting the game to restart still doesn’t fix this problem. Was wondering if anyone have the same problem


I had the same problem when I signed in with my Moze. It was showing 15/15 challenges complete. Tried save/quit and restarting my PS4 but neither helped. Stuck playing through with a different character I guess.

Yeah sadly, I really only play fl4k now but if I want the new skins, guess I gotta use somebody else. Hope it gets fixed tho!

Same here, was able to get all but the weapon skin, which eventually bugged out somehow. I’m going to be upset if I have to try and redo it with another character as that isn’t even guaranteed to work since it didn’t glitch out until about 3/4 of the way through for me.

In my case i was in a co op session and even though the first day of the event everything was unlocking smoothly something triggered it the day after and now i cannot receive any of the event rewards, my partner on the other hand who was playing from the same console on their account did not have the same problem as me. I do not think that there is a workaround and i really hate going through the same process with another character, especially considering the risk of it happening again… I really hope it gets fixed or someone finds how to deal with it soon.

Same, I splitscreen with my dad but he hasn’t ran into this problem. Sadly, there seems to be no fix for now and there’s a lot of bugs from the first time are not fixed either. However, just hopped on my Moze and unlocked everything already. Just need to get a god roll ghast call (unannointed sadly).

I was in splitscreen as well. Guess this just continues to prove they never bother testing that.

I feel like the employees get a lot of smack and I feel bad for them. But I do also see the reason for frustration with the player base, hopefully this game will continue getting better and better :slight_smile:

I have that same problem with my Gunner

Someone please confirm if this is fixed when the hotfix goes up.

It’s still messed up not fixed at all @Crinklec112

Here’s the Pics from my game

Same problem. Could get every reward except the last one, which I’ve done everything for yet still haven’t received.

The prejudice against FL4K is real.

Haha… :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

But in all honestly, I believe the glitch is for any character that has completed all the challenges from the previous year and you have collected them. Possibly they are using the same event page and the code is messed up as it cant recognize if it’s this years or last years, and the game believes you already collected the rewards (even without making reaching the reward milestone).

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Same here… can’t get anything.

It showed progress for the first day. Started the next day and it showed everything was finished. I completed this twice and still no Porphyrophobia weapon skin. I hope I’m wrong, but this will probably be broken until end of event.

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Yup. A lot of us are running into the same problems. Some got like half…others got nothing. The entire thing is a mess.

May I suggest you open a support ticket on it. Yes they give you the run around on them, but the more of us who open one the more likely they will fix the problem.


As of today, the issue still hasn’t been addressed. Apparently Gearbox will reply to you on Twitter as long as you aren’t asking about a hotfix. With only a week left in the event, this is really disappointing.

Halloween came and went and even a week after contacting support no fix. 2020 event is broken and it seems we’re SoL. Not promising for season 2.

This is incredibly unprofessional. It’s like they are outright ignoring the issue exists and doing nothing about it whatsoever.

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