Blood Harvest Event

Have Gearbox talked about how these exclusive weapons/gear in Bloody Harvest (and future events) will work past level cap increases? I would assume these weapons/gear would be the only weapons that would scale with level cap increases I would hope Bc this loot won’t be obtainable past these events?

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Clearly the area will remain accessible after the event like in previous titles in the series.

I don’t think so, I could be wrong but when he did the interview with Greg Miller on the Borderlands Show. It seems like event will only last a short while.

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If it is like previous events in BL2, the gear will drop at your level if you are in TVHM but it won’t raise when level cap hits.

Of course they might change it this year who knows.

The PreSequel had event weapons and they patched them in as world drops. They could maybe do the same.

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Previous games never had an event zone that stayed permanently other than BL2 which had a separate permanent DLC.

It is possible that the new planet or zone will remain after the event but it is also likely they will remove it until next years event.

Weapons likely will not scale with level. They will likely have to be acquired at the level you want it so in this case level 50. Presumably when/if the level cap increases then the event will provide that higher level cap gear.

Did gearbox patch them in? Or are you talking about the UCP which I know patched them in but it was an unofficial patch.

After a January 25, 2016 hotfix, the Jack-O’-Cannon now has a very rare chance of dropping in-game.

From the wiki. I’m not sure. Maybe UCP included them before Gbx officially patched them in.

Yea I’m just curious Bc they made it seem that this is different from past Borderlands events. Will go away (zone, loot is exclusive to that years event) and come back the year after will new loot pools. Recently on the Borderlands show with Greg Miller the devs got interviewed about Bloody Harvest info and this is where I’m getting this info from.

I damn well hope you’re right about that. I’d be furious if we has timed, exclusive BS in this “Story driven, primarily solo play, not meant to be a F2P” game.

They all ready said its a timed event and not a permanent map.

It’s a timed event like their previous holiday events. However if it follows the TPS formula then it will be back every year.

It’s unlikely that the weapons will scale because they’ve never scaled weapons in the BL series.

First this series has always been advertised as Co-op with optional solo play, even if you prefer solo.

Second Bl games have had timed events in the past. I know Bl2 had some and TPS had several. I can’t speak for Bl1 as I didn’t have net access back then.

Third they have said since announcing the Bloody Harvest event that it would be a limited time holiday event.

Personally I have no problem with holiday events only sticking around for that month. It gives me returning seasonl content that I am not bored of because I haven’t done it on a daily basis all year like I will with all the permanent content.

However as it sounds like a new location, I also would be fine with it being permanent for everyone who unlocked the location ‘DURING’ the limited time event.

Otherway around. They’ve always advertised that there were billions of guns and that, if you felt up for it, the game had co-op so you could play with friends if you wanted. The endgame of BL2 basically required co-op so I can understand the confusion. Having been with the series since 2009 I can say that co-op was not the primary focus.

Yea, but they weren’t “events”. They were “grab a skin and a hat within a set time limit”. They were purely cosmetic and these events will have actual equipment with stats.

I recall them saying that it was a holiday thing, but the new map included with it could potentially be permanent and allow for the farming of gear. If I received the wrong impression I would still be sorely disappointed.

Well BL2 has the great loot event where people could end up getting a Grog Nozzle as an actual drop, but I missed it so not sure what it was like.

And TPS had the Halloween event where the first electric boss guy dropped that shotgun that shot pumpkins.