Blood Starved Beast x 2 or x 3 and mag size?

I’m seeing Blood Starved Beasts with x 3 pellets and 27 magazine size for consecutive hits.

I’d like a consecutive hits x 3 with a 48 or 52 mag size. Do they exist?

I currently have a x 2 Consecutive hits with mag size and I’m thinking it would out perform a x 3 with a 27 mag size considering a x 3 consumes 2 ammo?

Thoughts? Help?

Have you seen a consecutive hits with a 48 or 52 magazine size?

Should I just go with the x 2 because it only consumes 1 ammo and my thinking is I’m putting out more rounds with larger mag size.

I’m talking consecutive hits variant only.

I have a x 3 with 48 mag size with ASE.

Number of pellets is based on the Grip part (#1 is +1 projectile) and it’s separate of magazine part. Keep in mind that bigger mag means lower damage of the gun, so the best would be 27 mag size, and then extra projectile is up to you, what suits you best.

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Wow. Thank you. I’ve been I’ve been trying to figure this out for about this for the last 24 hours sadly. Thank you🙏🏼

Use Lootlemon if you want to check what parts can spawn on the gun etc.