BloodBorne PS4 Exclusive

Simply put it’s brilliant and very well constructed, the level design is great.
Gotta good laugh today, when I read that BloodBorne was coming to pc. Great click bait, well done Amazon.

I had a good laugh when other “”“exclusives”"" came to pc too 8^)

PlayStation exclusive games never make there way to pc. Amazon did this with Killzone to. It’s Witcher 3 that’s going to be mind numbing.

What about Witcher 3 is mind numbing?

Bloodborne looks stunning but I hate Demon’s Souls so I won’t be getting it.

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Getting in on this thread. Just picked up Bloodborne yesterday and so far, I really like it. I’m still really early on and I’m dying a lot already, but I played a little Dark Souls, so I get it. Looking forward to getting the hang of combos and making some headway. The environments are a beaut! And agreed on the level design. So far it’s very cool.

It’s a great game gfx are amazing., i was sorta waiting for Demon Souls 2, BloodBorne works. I gota good laugh when Amazon posted it for the pc. I’m not against crossplatform , but it was great click bait on Amazons part.

Still yet to reply as to why Witcher 3 is mind numbing

Pls no flaggerino to my question.

I’m about 200 and counting, i lost count, how many times my character died

I’ve made a lot of progress since I posted last. Ready to go after The Cleric Beast now after doing lots of exploring today. Got the shortcuts figured out too, which is a plus.