Bloodletter and Anointed Stop Gap Synergy

While messing around with build ideas, I found that it is possible to use a Stop Gap with Bloodletter despite Bloodletter preventing HP regain.

The requirements are:

  • no more than two points in Thin Red Line. This prevents very strong attacks from one-shotting you and bypassing the Stop Gap’s invulnerability triggering.
  • a Stop Gap with following Anointment: “After exiting Iron Bear, gain 75% increased shields and health for for 25 seconds”.

Triggering the anointment adds the 25% extra hp to your health pool, and when the effect ends, you retain a portion of that hp.
I’ve uploaded a video showing it working at around 1:56. (The gameplay is horrible and I haven’t tried to optimize anything - it’s just to show off the mechanic).

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ooo Nice find.