Bloodletter, Blastmaster, Green Monster Builds

After perusing @Prismatic topic on optimizing Moze without delving too far into calculations/spreadsheets, I’m left scratching my head. @Hugostiglyts @N8d0ggz has demonstrated a build utilizing heavy investment into the red tree while retaining both survivability and damage. @twoPIZZA utilizes the Short Fuse /SSB/SRPM interaction to boost splash damage as well.

So, which build is more powerful DPS wise? We all have preferences and choice of weapons but would like to know definitive numbers. Am I benefiting more from going both DM and Click, click with Blastmaster? Or what if I switch over to Short Fuse? In theory, one could also rely on the 160% anointments for each weapon by hopping in & out of IB. However, I’d like to ask the community for a verdict.

I’ve listed other builds that I’d like to do testing on (they need tweaking) for viability.

Any help is appreciated!

  1. Blastmaster 1 build: without Some For the Road, which I don’t normally do since I rely on this skill constantly.

  1. Blastmaster 2 build: Bottomless mag spec all the way to Click, click.

  1. Blastmaster 3 build OR Green Monster OR Shield Maiden: I could remove points and just rely on BM’s spec into Vampyr

  1. Firewalker (w/ bonuses in DiB, StE, FiTSD). Subtracting a point here and there depending on the numbers given within the MOD.

  1. Low Life (w/ bonuses to TRL, Click, DM) OR Green Monster:

It will depend on the skills and bonus stats on your mod. Are you trying to go highest dps and not take anything else at all into consideration?

#3 is going to be pretty difficult to keep your ammo up with Blast Master btw. Guess it depends on the gun sort of, but I’d never use that build.

I can’t give you exact numbers, but if you’re going full dps glass cannon, @Prismatic’s dotsworth build is pretty shreddy.

But here’s a pretty beast build, give it a try.

You can move points around depending on your Blast Master skill distribution, but i usually just do this regardless because FitSD is extremely annoying to me and not worth it.

To the Last is an incredible skill with the right build, but I mean if you want to avoid it go ahead I guess. I use it to avoid reloads in FFYL, plus my mod and artifact have +30% grenade damage so I can kill a hardened badass in about 1 or 2 seconds in FFYL with spring epicenter and my kyb’s.

My mod has weapon damage as well on it, I don’t find any further investment in generic gun damage any more useful beyond what I have here.

Guns I lean toward a corrosive kyb’s with 125% fire mags and an ogre with the same. I do slaughter shaft without switching from corrosive because I rip through shields and flesh anyway. If I were against real tough enemies, I switch to proper elements. If you really want to kills something fast, the 160 splash boost can do that. But I like to goof around in Iron Bear so I don’t like the 18s timer with the splash boost all the time.

I also use the double downer with 30% cooldown on kill, the double downer is (in my opinion) the best shield for moze right now. Other shields like BBB are great, but once you get used to not bleeding out its hard to go back. I don’t even really care about healing that much anymore because I can kill faster in FFYL anyway haha.

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Depending on your weapon of choice, Forge is not necessary if using splash damage with Redistribution and Means of Destruction. In general Blast Master is very powerful, no matter where you invest your points. For maximum survivability, I like to fill the red tree. To maximize my DPS, I like to go all blue (26), 7 in red and 15 in green. Maximum DPS might actually be achieved with Mindsweeper. The issue with Mindsweeper is consistency.

Not only is Blast Master powerful, it becomes OP with matched class mod perks, artifact perks and anointments.

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#3 is best played with 3 or 4 of the same gun type in inventory. Run through a mag, switch to the next gun, repeat. This will keep your 100% splash damage going. Personally, I would take 9 points out of blue, and spec them into green to get Redistribution. With a 44+ sized mag (Kybs, Ogre), the mag will stay occupied for quite awhile.

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Also, I’ve played around with Bloodletter quite a bit, hoping to find a build that’s as powerful as BM or MS. The closest I got was by running deathless/desperate measures and speccing into Short Fuse. This gave a tremendous boost in damage with non-splash weapons. Boosting splash damage through artifacts iced the cake. But, as powerful as this is, the constant reloading ruins the experience when compared to Blast Master.

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I guess… But as you said later, just moving 6 to 9 points will give you consistently way way way more damage and way way way less of a headache haha.

The problem is the same Bloodletter build will yield you less damage than a Blast Master build specced the same. You lose a little gun damage, but you gain way more splash damage.

Also your BL will need perfect skill rolls and bonus stats to keep up with a blast master with just weapon damage on it. I guess maybe a BL with high kill stacks might out do BM?

I’ve been trying to mess around with a splash/Bloodletter build, and that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. It’s nice because it opens up a wider array of weapons than the typical Blast Master build (your damage isn’t dependent on whether you reload or not) but it seems to miss the mark. I’ve been assuming I need to test more weapons, (been busy with work) but yeah…

Bloodletter just doesn’t quite seem to do as well as Blast Master.

What i like to do is think in which gun i would like to make a build around even before thinking about how to spec my points. Because for some reason this game seems to punish you for switching weapons with this anointed system, specially if you main Moze.
For example in my build i chose the Flakker as my main weapon, so from the get go i knew a couldnt get any substantial benefit from the BM tree or Blast Master, so i focused on the blue/red tree.
Or the scourge for example, kinda not the most usefull weapon if you dont have points on SftR or a baby boomer with 3 on MoD.
So my question is what guns are you planning to use?

With that said, i like this build (depending on the used gun i would make a few changes)

You should try a blast master with a +mag size, and artifact with +mag size. When you get it to 100% with some points in Bottomless Mags you get 2 in the mag. You can regen a bullet every shot so you never have to reload and keep the blast master splash bonus. I think it’s by a huge margin the best flakker build.

So youre saying that if i can get an stupid amount of splash damage MoD could prc twice?
Cause I tried to get 2 mag size but even with bonus on my relic and mod, it never pass one. So i never really tried the Blastmaster.
i know that even with 1 in the mag i can shot the flakker indefinitely, but that would require some fair amount of patience while aiming.

ill give it try tho with my current build i can use the blastmaster without the need to re-spec.

You have to get it to +100% mag size, so mag size on mod and artifact, you can do it with matched set and not need to go to Iron Bank (unless you want to). You’ll need some other torgue guns and you can use a grenade if you want. If I remember right 4 guns at 5/5 will do.

But no, the splash damage doesn’t proc MoD more, you just avoid the reload animation a lot easier. With 1 in the mag it’s annoying (in my opinion).

Blast master doubles the splash damage of the flakker, and you can put 6 points in Bottomless (redistribution is still just nice to have, not sure if necessary) you are free to go up the other 2 trees with the rest of the points.

You need to put some points into matched set or iron bank to get Flakker to 2+ rounds. Think the most I got was 3. Been awhile…

Do you remember how well forge and Redistribution +2 works with the flakker with 2 mag size?

It’s been forever since I did that so I don’t remember if it was ever worth it to go up to forge.

The problem with 1 mag builds is if you miss or don’t proc a bullet you reload and lose your splash bonus. I can’t remember if forge regens enough to help that problem more.

Forge is basically worthless with the Flakker. Regen ends up being way too slow. Redistribution works well enough, but it’s still fairly hit or miss, if I remember correctly.

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yeah 5/5 is 50% more per piece of gear +40% mag size from relic + 24%? from COM. that would increase it by 1.
but i would need to give away almost 90% gun damage from DM and 2 potential damage boosts (cause i dont think i hace a mag+shotgun+AoE relic) from com and relic for a 136% splash boost.
i think im gonna need to do some math, woudl be more beneficial to add even more splash damage or keep the gun damage?

can it hit crit spots? with all the explosions polluting the screen i could never tell if it was the flakker or the nades.

Splash damage is almost always better than gun damage, since it applies to guns, grenades, some Iron Bear stuff.

It can. It’s just not super consistent.

I have an affinity for the Kyb’s/Scourge combo as the M4 loadout, but would like to put the Rowan’s Call/Lucians/Shredifiers into a rotation. Or even a mix of both since I have decent anointments on them (125% percent incendiary).

What exactly is your build? 5/5 matched set and 1 in redistribution shouldn’t change a whole lot. You should have 24 points left after 6 in Bottomless and 18 in SoR.