Bloodletter mod farming?

Any suggestions? And does it drop anywhere? Playing at M11.

Skag of Survival in the Proving Ground.

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Thanks! Still, hoping for a quicker farm. :roll_eyes:

It is a world drop so perhaps vending machines or where many enemies gather, like slaughter arenas.

What’s it like fighting at M11? I know the % are down from M10, but still, thats gotta be some crazy health/shield/armor ratings.

Use Lootlemon if you want to know where to farm items

They aren’t atm. M11 is the same as M10 just without modifiers.

Even though the XP/cash/loot drop % are cut in half?

Both M10 and M11 have the same % bonuses atm. As world drops always be random, you can test others, just kill the same boss twice on M10 and 11 and you will see the same amount of cash, eridium and xp.

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Chuck on Any mayhem other than 11 (class mods don’t scale) for the lootsplosion modifier and go farm the scrap trap nest. Rocketeer auto bear or cub with corrosive railguns will make it a breeze.

If you have DLC1 that is.

You’ll get tons of legendaries either way so maybe M10 is your best bet, in case of accidental god rolled guns.

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Thanks everyone. It’s appreciated.