Bloodletter Mod , please for the love of god!

Please please please trade me a Bloodletter mod

Grinding for days and I’m going blind

Gamer tag: Sgt Akira

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I cant find one either. I have +15% luck thru guardian ranks and loaded dice. I typically get 3 legendaries per boss. I have so many guns, but cant get bloodletter to drop. WTF. I have tried everything to improve my odds.

Ditto man, literally get every other one of her mods and most of everybody else’s! It’s like they have removed it from the game

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Im convinced they did. Haha. But seriously, im still grindin like its 4 real til someone tells me otherwise

Me too! Thinking maybe I’ll try to speed through TVHM and try mayhem 3 on that

Thats what im playing on. My character save wont launch on normal for some reason. So TVHM isnt the cure for what ails us

God damn it!! Isn’t it enough I got the bank bug and lost everything once already! Give me my mod

4 days and 11 some odd hours with Moze, all online and never even seen a single version of this class mod. Thinking i’m pretty much done with this game for a while as this has kinda broken my spirit on a level that isn’t easy to put into words. I had some tough farms on BL2 as i’m sure many hardcore players did, especially before the loot buff but holy goodness man 4.5 days and not a single version of this thing O.o

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Exactly the damn same! It must have been taken! Has anybody found one since the patch at all?!

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My guess has been that they either removed it or made it the rarest item in the game. I couldnt find the deathless artifact either but i got it to drop today so my faith has been renewed. Im gonna grind circle of slaughter with torgue weapons, thats the only area i have not spent much time in

What platform are you playing on

Damn…one dropped yesterday Mayhem 3 Captain Traunt.

Xbox, got pretty much all the different deathless, I’m not sure there isn’t a world drop I haven’t had but still no bloodletter

Im at over a week of serious grinding and I think I found the solution from a youtuber just now. She said that since the patch legendary class mods dont drop( not sure if thats 100% bc i got a mind sweeper but thats it) when playing solo/'offline". In my case thats accurate i think. Yes my pro is connected to the web but i havent renewed my PSN acct this month. Anyways, aside from that she said that in M3 the cash trap machine at moxxis is a reliable source for these. Im gonna put on my loaded dice and pull the lever a few times tomorrow and see…

Yes, in the release version if the game there is a “bug” that prevents that legendary class mods can drop. This was (and still is) silently fixed via hotfix (so the fix is not included in the latest patch). But all the hotfixes only get applied when you are online. The hotfixes don’t get stored on your hardrive and only exist in memory. So if you exit your game and start it again, it has to download all hotfixes again. To apply the hotfixes you also have to stay long enough in the main menu of the game. If you click “Continue” in the main menu too quickly after starting the game, you still don’t get legendary class mods even though you are online. So far my experience for PC, but it should be the same for consoles.

While playing offline you can only get legendary class mods from one specific slot machine:

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I gave one away when it dropped in my instance to a random Moze who was grouped with me. I was on Amara. Is it so rare that I should have held onto it for my Moze run?

I have been farming for over a week. Its a specific mod not just any legendary for moze. Ok so i need to disconnect my console from internet and go after that slot machine… fingers crossed

Lmao why are you farming offline. People are so deluded my lord. If you want class mods you’d have a better chance on online and just by playing the game. Find what map you like best and or boss and farm. There is no rocket science here.

So I pick my favorite map and just play? Holy ■■■■. That never occured to me. I appreciate the insight. I knew I had been doing something wrong. I didnt like any of those maps.


Well I just got he, back to the grind…I’m feeling lucky tonight. Got my special boxers on