Bloodletter with health regen?

Has anyone seen a bloodletter with health regen? Also if someone has one and would like to trade let me know. I have vindicator ghast call, everblast’s, lump’s, shredifier’s, hex’s, much more… most are anointed.


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Would this do?

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Yea thats what im looking for, Im at work now should be home in about 4 hours.
If your looking to trade let me know what your looking for.
Shoot me a friend request PSN: ashzed99 i can get that here at work.

Cool, I’ll send it.
Looking for:

Maggie, +100% on ASE
Unforgiven, +130% on clone-swap
Executor class mod, +5 Playing dirty and buffs to Jakobs/Pistols
Westergun, Siren annointed(Phasecast)
Friend-bot or Red fang class mod(any)
Annointed Shredifier

Otherwise, show me some interesting stuff.

shredifiers i got for sure, the other items ill have to check anointment’s when i get home.

friend-bot and red fang i have also.

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Nice, I’ll prioritize those

if you happen to have a cutpurse loaded dice with heath regen. or just any cutpurse with heath regen. lm looking for that also.

No luck on that front, unfortunately.
The class mod has been sent.

ok ill let you know what shredifiers i have and what kind of class mods i got should be multiples of each.

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Going to just send you what I have, if you need anything else let me know. I’m heading out of town in the morning be back Saturday night.

Send me a message in psn, I’m not sure who you are, I want to send everything to the right person. Sorry about that. If I don’t here from you before I leave I’ll take care of you Saturday.

Think I got it.

If you could make me a copy of that bloodletter I can copy my Maggie with 100% ASE!

Send a friend invite psn with message on what you need