Bloodletter with shield and weapon damage

I have been farming for a bloodletter with shield increase and weapon damage as being two of the perks and I have not been able to obtain one. Does anyone have a bloodletter like that to spare?

Try r/pandoranredcross on reddit.

??? who?

It’s a subreddit (on Reddit), people give stuff away there if they have it.

oh ok

Also, Health increase is going to probably give you more shields than shield increases. Assuming a Deathless relic, Bloodletter mod, and points in TRL. Because math.


Well yes, but I would want the shield increase. I don’t a deathless I like, but I can compensating for it

And I do not have a reddit…

You’ll need to sign up to comment, but it’s worth doing.

It’s free.

You should try posting in your respected platform, though I’ve found trading to be more abundant on the many trading discords*

Edit: my friends and I call “discord” something else and my phone auto corrected it to this. Whoops.

I have already done so. :slight_smile:

Thank you