Bloodlust/Hellborn K

Here I am again, asking for help.

I decided to take on a Bloodlust/Hellborn build, which never caught my attention since Mania it is a must on every K in my opinion (RtB, StV, StF, etc.). But I took the step and decided to make a run using that skills. Gun focused playstyle. A DP run is on the sights and maybe turn this K into my co-op char if it is viable at OP8.

Came with this build, throwing some points randomly since I’m not pretty fond of my Bloodlust tree knowledge (excepting Bloodplosion, and BxB).

Probably going Legendary Reaper. RR as always, Stockpile relic, focused on shotguns, SMG’s and assault rifles. Grenade mod, Stormfront (bloodlust stacks, healing via elemental empathy and shield stripping)

I tried this once, but wasn’t very successful, mainly because I’m not a Hellborn player. But I would go with this spec instead. Since you don’t have RtB, you’ll need a good Moxxi weapon to keep yourself healthy (Rubi, Grog, Hail, etc.). If you’re careful with your health, you can toss the Grog, but it does come in handy.

If you don’t have a zero fuse time grenade, move the points from blood twitch to blood overdrive instead. I would also think about using a Blood instead of a regular stockpile relic.

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If you’re going with a bloodlust-hellborn then forget anything related to BxR’ing so change those points from Taste of Blood and Buzzaxe Bombardier into Blood-Twitch and Feed the Meat. I would probably go with [something like this instead][1]

Another thing I would suggest would be trying out a quasar first for clustering, secondly for self-ignition through Delusional Damage. or maybe a slag betty for AoE slagging and less weapon-swapping.

Finally, like Gulfulf said you should try a Blood of the Ancients instead of a Stockpile, Elemental Empathy gives more than enough healing even without Burn-Baby-Burn so you’ll be able to get back quickly to full-health.

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You win the better build cookie.

I still hate raving retribution.

Is it ok to go Leg Reaper?
What about using a FoTFH?

I quite like it, passive healing.

Leg Reaper is one of the best choices here together with Leg Torch, the increased kill-skill duration means not requiring to proc Bloodbath as often.


I was expecting that xDDD

Yeah, I’ll be trying both builds. Some results tomorrow.

I have better tools.

I enjoy it, doesn’t deal much damage but it helps igniting enemies that the barrel of your weapon cannot see. Bonus points if you’re not using weapons like a hellborn-mania psycho chaining rampages together most likely would.

I have a flakker for that.

You’re able to ignite people with the flakker? No doubt you transcended the flakker usage to new levels.
I meant using Raving Retribution as extra sources of fire dots, combined with Burn-Baby-Burn and Elemental Empathy to increase your average healing performance.

Im able to corrode things with it too. I’ve transcended far past the normallity of the flakker.

But why need healing when everything is dead by flakker?

Reality I use a rubi as a fire proc over RR. Yes its a moxxi, I know but I like my fire rubi.

By the way, the Infection works fairly well with Elemental Empathy when fighting armoured targets… although not so well in regards to deal damage.

… if only the Infection had it’s base damage nerfed and it’s dot increased in 50~150%, it could work as BL1’s hellfire to a much lesser degree.

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