Bloodsoaked bowie bekah

I’ve emailed screenshots of this gun upon receiving it asking if it was legit, they’ve responded it was in fact a renowned legendary with 5 annointments on it. And today DPJ posts a youtube video claiming its modded, on XBOX ONE?

I’m sure modding anything on the xbox one is impossible because it hasn’t been jailbroken yet, so what is the deal is this legit or what?

Hows it gonna come to xbox an then 2k say it’s legit? I’m supposed to believe the community an not them?

If it is liget which I cant believe it is, doesnt seem fair for fl4k players as hes the only 1 who can use only 1 of them and the rest can use 2

I dunno why Katerina would think that but I’m pretty sure it’s most certainly modded. There’s no other instance of any gun having more than one anointment. It’s also the first time I’ve ever heard about the Bekah being able to have more than one (Bloodsoaked and Bowie are both just prefixes and not part of the actual name) and I think it’s more likely that someone managed to crack the game on XBox or somehow transfer a modded item from PC to Xbox, than that a gun with this special property going unnoticed for 6 months.

I replied to her with dpj video showcasing the gun and asked her to look it over and double check her sources

This issue has been pinged to the community manager - thanks for drawing attention to it. I wouldn’t necessarily expect front-line CS staff to recognise modded gear. As for how such stuff gets on XB1, that is best left undisclosed since that absolutely breaks Microsoft’s terms of service/use.

Peak trolling.