Bloodsploding Pyro Pete

I respecced my psycho to bloodsplode pete because I was bored but anyway, I’ve done it like 5 times in a row and there hasn’t been a single seraph drop

any idea why that is? I was under the impression that they were guaranteed drops

Bloodsplosion destroys some of the loot drops IIRC

ah, alright thanks

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It’s his second loot drop tied to his head or something along those lines. It’s best not to Bloodsploode Pete if you want all of his gear.

Eh I don’t care about his seraph drops I was just curious

He’s still dropping legendaries so it’s ok

Houuu, that’s why he does not drop anything for me…
15 kills yesterday and only Seraphs cristals…

No Seraph weapon, no Legendaries…

How i am supposed to kill him with Krieg then ?
If i can not feast on his burned flesh all over the place…

More seriously, to get better drops, what would be the fastest method ?
I have doubts about Hellborn, Pete beeing almost immune to Fire…
Good ol’AXE IN YOUR FACE without Bloodsploding him ?

(ho, and more information about this “head drop” would be delightfull !)

Check out the time trials thread. I killed him with Hellborn using mostly shock and explosive, but it took a good five minutes to do it. Basically what you do is shock him until his shield is down, then pound on him with an explosive weapon, like a DPUH.

From what I’ve read, Pete has two drops: his main drop when you kill him, then a second one that happens a second or two after the first one. If you bloodsplode him, you destroy the source of his second drop (his head), so he’ll only have his first drop. Of course you could always just get him trapped on the ledge and pound on him with a bee shield because you can hide behind a pillar when he novas. But that takes longer than 5 minutes usually, so I still recommend the TT thread.

Honestly a really easy way is just to weapon merge an interfacer with a trespasser, grog nozzle, and lady fist if you don’t mind glitching.

I don’t like glitching, especially when there are “easy” methods to do it legit…

So i developped my own way with some trials yesterday :
=> weaken him with small controlled bloodsplosions at the two spawns
==> must be careful on the gear setup to not kill him outright, but now unless i am unlucky i manage to remove his shield and a good half of his life
=> then finish him with RtB cycles and a bit of DPUH.
Takes a few minutes, but entertaiming enought for me to continue !

I’ll also check the Time Trial board, thanks Gulfwulf !

And the drops are much better ! Now i got a Seraph almost each time, with a Legendary from time to time !
I cross my fingers for a Fasball !
(and please, please stop giving me Storm Fronts (3 IN A ROW) , they are awsome grenades, but i already have a very good one…)

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The best way to kill him without bloodsplosions is to proc BB off of the minions and use your choice of shock weapons. (I prefer the twister) After his shields drop use either a harold, carnage, or flaker to finish off his health. Overall depending on what level he is 61, 72, op 8 etc… It should only take you about minute or so on the easier difficulty to drop him. Remember to switch elemental relics to kill him faster.

I personally am still fond of using the trespasser to pop his helmet, then using a Bee and Lady Fist with a Legendary Reaper. Once he does his nova, (and you stay around a corner to not get the DOT), throw a stormfront at the spiderant spawn and activate it. You’ll get bloodbath, then shooting him in the head repeatedly with a shock Lady Fist (after slagging) kills him in 2-5 minutes. The low base damage gets buffed by 500% for 14 seconds, then you get the +800% critical damage, then you slap a Bee on for good measure. This works perfectly fine at OP0, but I assume it would still be effective at OP8. It may not be as powerful as say, an Interfacer, but this still works fairly well against Pete.

Where did you read about this?! o_O

I’m not sure where he did read that but I can confirm it’s exactly what’s happening. When you overkill him and his body explodes you only get the first lootsplosion with the crystals, a couple purples, a few blues and greens. On the other hand if you do not overkill him and you happen to have his body still on the ground after the fight then you’ll also get the second lootsplosion which contains one seraph items, sometimes an orange, and a few more purples, blues and greens.

The only difference between the two is the amount of overkill damage and if his body explodes or not. Right now i’m only getting the second part of the loot about 10% of the times, since most of the times I overkill him by a large margin (i’m doing it at lvl 66 as of this post, not sure about the numbers for higher levels…)

It’s on the old forums. I’d have to dig up the specific thread, but I ain’t gonna. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it this one ?

(just digged by googling “pete bloodsplosion loot” with the old forum as filter.)

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I think that’s the one, or one of them at least.

Might sound dumb but has anyone tried taking His mask off before bloodsploding him? Been trying to bloodsplode him and the only Times i Got both loot pools is when i took down His shield first. Or maybe you only get both loots when he actually becomes pyro-caustic?

Necro, but still curious if anyone knows if it’s possible to get orange and seraph gear from Pete when killed by bloodsplosion. I don’t have the firepower to take him down and I’m specced into melee. Also, My guns are not very good right now. I’m level 62

A dead Pete is a dead Pete. How he gets that way doesn’t change the loot.