Bloodsplosion tips required

Hoping for some general advice regarding the use of bloodsplosion and how to get the most out of it, i’ve only just got to level 57, so have only just accessed it due to going for RtB first.

I’m using a Flesh Crunch class mod that gives me +6 to strip the flesh and +5 to taste of blood, build is:

I’ve notice it happening and indeed killing nearby enemies, but I just want to make sure my gear and use of it is maximising it’s effectiveness.

This community was incredibly helpful when I was struggling yesterday so I have faith that someone will have some great advice :dukecheese:

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To put to simply, look for the weakest enemy in a general mob, the one with the lowest health, slag it and throw a fastball at it, then slag everything around it and watch the carnage commence. You may need to kite a little to get everything close, lure running melee enemies back to the shooters behind cover then secure the kill, if you hit that critical health zone go into RtB and go ham, chances are that will be enough to set up a chain, just remember to always focus on the weakest enemy. Most other characters want to priorities the strongest enemies, badasses, constructors etc. but not Krieg, he works the exact opposite. If you land a melee kill while in BXR/RtB remember to throw those axes, Fuel the Blood and Buzz Axe Bombardier are your saving grace here!

It just comes with practice, and unlike what many may suggest Krieg is NOT useless in UVHM or at OP8, just get yourself geared and practice setting up chains, once you get that down it will be second nature :wink:


As always high Bloodlust stacks are the real key. Each stack is worth an extra 5% damage (I think it’s multiplicative) so big stacks = big death! :smiley:

Remember it’s also based on Overkill damage (damage over and above what was needed to finish them off) so melee/grenade kill on the weakest enemy for maximum radius/chance to kill undamaged nearby enemies!

Don’t forget slag if you have the ability to get some out there before you kill (low level bouncing betty slag grenades shine here!) as this triples the damage but that’s getting into unfair territory! :smiley:

Finally it’s better to not have the enemies all clustered together but spread out in a line where possible so that the explosion slowly works in one direction as this will allow for the biggest bonuses! :smiley:

DAMMIT! Took too long and ninja’d by @Slif_One :smile:


You explained it more thoroughly than I, teamwork :wink:

High Five? We’ve earned it! :smiley:

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thanks for the tips, minions :slight_smile:


Unrelated question, how do you get stuff next to your name, so like you have Meat Bicycle World Champion?

Go to preferences (up by the notification button) and enter your ‘Real name’ :smiley:

Oh and bonus Bloodsplosion tip: Find a video of Pyro Pete being bloodsploded for optimum mob alignment! :smiley:

I already watched a video of that :slight_smile: it’s what inspired me to use Krieg. I think maybe it was joltzdude139.

I was a bit nervous to begin with and died a few times in my attempts but now it just feels like mobbing! Go grab a rapier, slag bouncing betty and give it a go! :smiley:

I’ve farmed forever for a low level bouncing bonny and I just seem to have no luck, I get other stuff but never the one thing I want.

Bloodsplosion is based on Overkill damage, so be sure to debuff the weakest enemy and hit him as hard as you can to generate the highest Overkill damage as you can, and then just watch the explosions of life sweep the battlefield as you walk across it. Of course, slag is much appreciated for keeping the Bloodsplosion in “chainkill-mode”. Keep in mind you need to kill the nearest enemies AND generate more Overkill damage to make the Bloosplosion chain, as long as there are things to kill. You need the enemies close enough, but not too close, since the Bloodplosion will just take all of them out, instead of taking them down one-by-one to generate even more Overkill damage per Bloodsplosion.

If used well, this skill is absolutely insane. For example, here is some footage of me destroying Pyro Pete with White Gear only :

As you can see, the Overkill damage is the key here. As long as you can escalate your Overkill damage through multiple Bloodsplosions, you can decimate anything in the game. I’ve Bloodsploded Pete, Vorac, Terry, Dragons, Saturn and BNK3R (Saturn and BNK3R with a Diesel Blister COM + Corrosive Fastball.)

If you have questions, feel free. Hope this was helpful :smiley:

My god Bloodsplosion is awesome. I’ve been messing around in Frostburn Canyon testing it out against bandits/spiderants. Highlight was killing Scorch in one hit by killing a Spiderling :smiley: Slagga + Fastball = everything dies :sunglasses:

It’s making me question whether RtB is required anymore though…

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Well it all depends on your playstyle, you can still chop said spiderling
for a bloodsplosion and the nova doesn’t hurt Krieg lol. But yeah it’s a
monstrous endskill

I have never thought to spec into Hellborn, but i’m thinking maybe that would potentially have more synergy with this explosive idea?

Hey @Vinterbris

May I also suggest putting some effort in to finding (or trading for) a ‘Magic Missile’. They can be a bit of a pain to locate, but once you manage to get your hands on one, it may be game changing.

With MM I went from planning a Bloodsplosion to accidentally clearing rooms because everyone was so purple that you’d think they swan dived into a vat of Welch’s Jam.

:smiley: I do have one on my Gunzerker, level 72, so I can use that when I get there. I’m having a blast with my fastballs at the moment! :sunglasses:

This may not be necessary but as it wasn’t mentioned:

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