Bloodwing Health Glitch with Maya


I’ve been bringing up a siren the last few days and just finished WEP in TVHM. The BW fight was one of the most frustrating I have yet to encounter in the game. I’ve done BW a lot of times, with different classes, but I have never seen this glitch before. Searching the forum I saw where someone had it in UVHM with Maya back in 2015. My experience was almost the same as his.

I was 2 levels below BW and so it was not going to be a fast kill, but not hard to do. I can survive long enough to get it done. Or at least that’s what I thought. :roll_eyes:

In her first fire phase I got her health half way down. As expected when she changed elements, her health came back to 3/4 full. After a couple changes I got her health down to what appeared to be “0”. Instead of going to the ground, she rose up, changed elements and put me into FFYL. With nothing to shoot but her, I died. Man I was pissed. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: This happened 3 times! The fourth time I was in FFYL when I took her health to “0” and she collapsed on the ground in the expected fashion, but I did not get a second wind from it. :rage:
I don’t know if it matters, but I’m on XB 1, THJC. Based on prior experience playing BL2 on another platform, I’ve seen more odd behavior on the XB and this is another example of it.

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It is normal, after each phase they regain some health. Same with Son of Crawmerax and others.

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I’ve played it on 360 and XB1 for years and never had this happen… How odd.


I don’t think so :thinking: Yes, regaining health with each phase change is normal, but her having no health and then changing phase is not. :wink:

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you just killed her too fast that is why her health became zero. Just be careful sometimes it glitches and all you can hear is Jack screaming over and over again.


I read about the Jack rant glitch.

That’s just it, I didn’t kill her too fast. She changed states several times before the glitch. I’ve killed her waaaayyyy faster than this before.
And on the XB


Yes it was :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Since the threads I saw on this were very old, I thought I would put it out there in case anyone else had the problem more recently.

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I’ve never seen this glitch exactly as you describe it. I would hazard a guess that it’s possible within the game engine for two things to register at the same time, particularly if there’s a DoT involved as one of them. The result could well be that the element change was fired at the exact instant health dropped to zero, with confusing results.

tl;dr you play too gud!


That was my first thought, that it was a timing conflict, but after it repeated, I started to think something else was going on. That’s why I went searching the forum for it. The only post I found was this one, so it must be a seldom seen, random event.

Sorry, forgot how to hide the detail.


Did BW the other day in UVHM. No issues, but I noticed that there was a 5 sec.+ delay from the time her health hit 0 until she stopped kiting and landed. Kind of unusual, most enemies fall immediately.

As previously suggested, this “health glitch” may just be an issue with timing, where she hits 0 health too close to her phase change. A 5 sec.+ window is pretty big and might allow her to change phases with 0 health if the phase change timer ticks down first.

Only the game coders know for sure.

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Isn’t that when you have to wait for Mordy’s dialogue about the tranq dart? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her not pause before hitting the ground when the health bar is finally drained.


I believe that is at the very beginning of the fight, right after she takes to the air and before her first phase change.

I probably just never noticed it before.

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No, he speaks again right at the very end of the fight, just before he fires the dart. You may have missed the dialogue because it’s brief and there’s a lot going on, but it’s there. Here:


I sure did. :roll_eyes:
Is that part of the delay before she collapses on the ground?

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I’ve had this happen before. Pretty sure it was chain reaction that caused it.


I took a look at some of the more detailed descriptions of chain reaction on the forum and can’t see how it could cause the event.

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Hmm. My best guess.ive had problems with moderate their too but entirely different. That Eran is the twilight zone of Pandora.