Bloodwing kicking my Maya

I have Borderlands 2 and beat it.
I got The Game of the year collection and reached Lvl 61 animal experimental area.
After fighting the loot midgets for awhile I decided to go defeat Bloodwing. Wrong !!
I left and farmed the Hornet , Maggie and Varuc all Lvl 61 .
Still I get murdered by Bloodwing.
I already have some strong SMGs but shields are so so.
Wanted to farm the Bee and Black hole but missions not available… Yet.
What else can be done to get past Bloodwing?

Go back and farm a level 50 bee and either a non elemental Veruc or Lynda at level. I did this with my Axton 2 days ago. He’s lvl 65 now and I carry a lvl 50 bee and use it when I’m in a vehicle.

You can go back and farm The Bee on TVHM, you’ll get it at level 48-50 which will still be usable on weapons with unlisted pellets. Or you can play through Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, Treants and Stumpys can drop it as well.

I have Lvl 50 Bee , Black hole , and probably any Lvl 50 rare weapon , mod , shield , relic and grenades.
If I go back to TVHM will my progress be leveled down from 61 to 50.
Right now Bloodwing kills me in less than 15 seconds.

First of all… How are you spec’d? And which COM’s do you have access to? A build like this will work all through WEP.

Level 50 gear simply won’t cut it! It’s as simple as that! I’m actually amazed that you made it all the way through the map, considering the rabid stalkers and all that! :smiley:

Any standard gear at level 61 will outclass your level 50 gear, so go farm some chests. Get a decent shield, and a couple of fast firing guns (Vladof AR’s, Vladof pistols or pretty much any SMG). You can also go to Moxxi and tip her for a Good Touch. Shock and fire work well for the different stages. The build i suggested is a general build, so match the skills to the COM and the guns, and also to your preferences, and you should be fine.

Slag BW with your phaselock (Ruin spec’d), and fire away. A transfusion grenade is a good thing to have when the skags appear in the arena. I’ll leave a couple of links here from people who have had similar questions.

Hopefully, this will help you along!


Current weapons Lvl 61
Slag plasma caster 20+k
SMG corrosion 15k
SMG Shock 13k
SMG Hellfire 12k
Deep Veruc Slag 18.4k slow
Pistol Vengeful Stalker Vladof 35k
" tactical Hornet 27k
Using lobbed transfusion grenade.
Mods I’m going between shield recharge rate and SMG Damage .
Lots of relics
From different elemental damage to resistance to ammo boost.
Skill tree
Motion5/5 Ward. 5/5 accelerate
4/5 suspension
1/1 converge
5/5 quicken
2/5 sub- sequence
5/5 minds eye
5/5 wreck
2/5 elated
5/5 flicker. 5/5 foresight
4/5 Helios
1/1 cloud kill
5/5 reaper
2/5 blight Phoenix
And shields are mostly spike or Nova around 105 k +

Spec into ruin, use Smg com and use shock smgs in all phases but shock and then fire during shock phase. Lvl 50 bee should provide enough oomph along with ruin she should never have a chance to actually attack you.

Will try respecing .
Is it better to phaselock BW or scags

I would take Blight Phoenix over Flicker, not least in the Preserve where both fire and corrosive are handy. I know not everyone favours BP as much as I do, but Flicker is of fairly marginal benefit.

OP, I find guns with a high fire rate and fast bullet speed (i.e. not plasma casters) best for Bloodwing, as they let you get as much dps on her as possible without missing too much. Vladof snipers / pistols, and Maliwan SMGs. If the fight is going on quite a long time you may do well with a transfusion grenade.

And a tip - I don’t know whether anyone else has noticed? - it can help to back away while looking at Bloodwing when she dives, rather than turning around and running with your back to her. Seems to make it easier to dodge the attack.

If you have Ruin and Helios it’s good to Phaselock Bloodwing, at least most of the time :slight_smile:

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Depends on who you intend to shoot! :wink:

Seriously, though… Phaselocking a skag will set off Wreck, Elated and CR no matter what you shoot, but it’s usually best to PL and shoot BW. But don’t hesitate to PL a skag if the need arises.

These two puppies should do the job! Especially if you combine them with a Cat COM.

Accelerate, Suspension or KR is a matter of choice. Just as long as you get to Converge. Quicken is excellent.

Sub Sequence is a skill that is all or nothing. 5/5 or skip it all together. I personally never use it, unless I do a Thoughtlock build. And finally… Get Chain reaction and Ruin. Together with Converge, these skills are what makes Maya the Queen of Mobs.

Depending on what com you can get this might help:

The shields you have might get you thru WEP but a good adaptive shield might be better against BW. Or you could just hide in that one area- that is, if you don’t want to lose any time hunting for on level gear… :sunglasses:

Thanks for all of the advice.
Back to re spec …

There’s a safe spot in the Bloodwing fight? I never knew that. Where might it be?

I almost always take BW on with a Bee shield. If you want one on level enter the Assault on Dragon Keep and farm Treants in the forest for an on level one. You can get a lot of damage in everytime BW changes element as he stays still for a moment. You might get into trouble if he lands because his attacks are more frequent and aggressive but at least for me fumbling in this situation usually end up in FFYL even if I have a tankier shield.

OR you could strip naked and pick up a Love Thumper, dive in with your Heart Breaker, Crit and Hellfire, watch the roid damage turn Bloodwing into a frail sparrow and be TOTALLY BADASS!

(Note to OP: this plan is not necessarily safe).


I found this out in a thread similar to this: when you step off the elevator look to your left- there is a screen like overhang not too far from the exit door. Standing underneath that will block about 90% of BW attacks but you still need to keep an eye out for the skags…

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Everyone is not Krieg- which I tend to forget whenever I play Zero…:grin:

Maybe I should post a Psycho Siren build… anyway the Love Thumper is actually really effective in that arena if you’re feeling brave and insane.

Go for it- you tend to approach Maya in ways I wouldn’t think of- it would be nice to learn a new trick or two to keep the boredom away…

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Thoughtlock can actually be very useful in this fight. If you Thoughtlock one of the skags, Bloodwing will spend most of its time focusing on that skag instead of you. Allows you a little breathing room and, if Bloodwing lands, makes it ripe to be blasted away with your Heartbreaker (if you don’t have a Heartbreaker for this fight, go get a Heartbreaker for this fight… Heartbreaker).

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Bloodwing’s DOTs are what seem to always get me in this fight.

So to prep for it, I keep an eye out for DOT immunities on the shields I come across. I always bank the best one with each different DOT immunity (if I’m not using it). When it’s time for Wildlife exploitation, I bring them along.

If you’ve got a Rubi (or Grog), you can get easy healing out of your phaselock with it in hand.