Bloodwings gender

I remember them saying in BL2 with the slag experiment that Bloodwing was female. So it was throwing me off when I was playing BL1 yesterday and Mordi kept referring to Bloodwing as him/boy. So what would be the official gender of this fine feathery bird thing?

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From Wikia:

In Borderlands , Mordecai refers to Bloodwing as male, however in Borderlands 2 , Mordecai refers to Bloodwing as female. According to the lead writer, this is because Bloodwing’s species is sequentially protandric and changes sex half way through life.

Provided link leads to the forum, but it’s not working anymore.

I remember having the same surprised when I recently played BL1 GOTY.
Well… It’s Borderlands. Gender (and orientation) is a loose concept I guess.
Unless there’s something I missed in the lore somewhere… I guess Mordecai first thought it was a male and eventually found an egg?
It happen to my cousin and her duck! :smiley:

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Anthony Burch admitted at one point that he screwed up and accidentally changed BW’s gender. He then had to creatively retcon that fact.


Wow, thats sounds like a big mistake. Do you perhaps have access to the post provided by wikia?

I’ve been looking for it in the wayback machine, since that’s a URL from the old forums. Unfortunately with the way the archive works, I would need the ID for the thread, but that link archives the page and post number instead. It’s also kind of weird that the page and post number are the same?


A discussion so old, it might awaken the Ancient Ones lol

This was a big point of contention for me, being a Mordecai main for years before BL2. I had qualms, to say the least. I took issue with Bloodwing’s gender and Mord’s alcoholism, in particular. I’ll always be a BL1 fan first lol