Bloody bloody harvest heads?

so the heads, whats the deal? ive not received any at all with some mates gettin one and others gettin 2. anyone know whats goin on with em?

I didn’t even know there was heads… Random drop?

Have you found anything out about these heads I’m having the same problem?

i submitted a ticket to gearbox, they told me clear my cache but ps4 doesnt have a cache so i reinstalled the game but to no avail. just waitin for another response from gearbox now.

Ya been playing the event now for a few days 8+ hours a day no heads no weapon yet. Terrible drop rates.

they arent drops i dont think. were just supposed to get them with the event.

The 2 heads and the weapon are drops during the event.

The weapon bauble, the echo skin, Character skin and weapon skin are challenge rewards.

They were just in the new u for me, both new heads.

but ps4 doesnt have a cache

Actually it does; Sony just decided that including an option to clear wouldn’t necessary for some reason. You have to force it by making sure the console is completely off and then and then unplugging it for 60 seconds.

This is what I had to do whenever my Fallout 4 saves got corrupted.

Ah your right heads came free in new u so I’m still just farming the shotgun then. Gotten 2 flakkers and a conference call from him hope it happens soon.