Bloody Harvest - Achievements are BLOODY BUGGED

So Bloody Harvest is fun n’ all, great loot drops, lots of spooky killing to be done… only problem is, it doesn’t hardly EVER count toward achievements for the event!

After my third run through the Heck Hole I started to take note that kills don’t count randomly and sporadically. Sometimes yes, sometimes no… making the achievements to get the skins and such even MORE of a BLOODY grind.

To top it all off, I switched over to my Moze to take her through the more of the main campaign and logged back over to my Amara… ALL her achievements were RESET.

So, anyone else experiencing this BLOODY bullSH*T?

It didnt seem to notice me killing el dragon jr either, I tried a couple times and then just gave up on the dlc

Same here “my kills”

All works for me so far.

achievements are not account / player wide for the event. you have to pick one player and unlock all on that player. rewards are account wide

When I kill one of the haunted bounties(Rakkman, El Dragon Jr., etc.), they still won’t get checked off the list.
Whatever, I won’t bother anymore. Not worth it for skins and trinkets that I won’t use anyway and legendary guns that are probably not worth using.