Bloody harvest bank wipe

Well I updated and started bloody harvest and my entire bank is gone all my bonus stats my skins and heads. Only thing it kept was what I had on my character already… anyone else experience this

All the things you mentioned are stored in a single file on your system (console or PC). If for any reason it gets corrupted (power glitch or force-quit of game during update) the contents are gone. The update itself shouldn’t affect this file - that’s probably coincidental - but it still sucks that your stuff is gone. Your odds of recovering the file depend a bit on your platform, so I can’t offer specific suggestions without knowing that, but if you have a back up of all your saves you could try rolling back to the previous version. Otherwise, you’ll want to file a support ticket to see what they can do to help. Unfortunately they won’t be able to restore your file since it’s local to your platform.

I’m on xbox. And yeah I dont even have any maps saved dont even have nekrotafeyo as an area I can travel to.