Bloody Harvest Bugs

Three issues encountered so far:

Looted a Bloody Harvest Legendary, no credit.

I fought El Dragon Jr. A ghost came out of him. I don’t know if this was a “haunted” version or not, but I didn’t get credit for it.

Pet getting stuck, not responding, not moving in Heck. If they get downed, they get stuck in that spot. Not super when it’s right at the first gate.

I picked up my second Legendary with Bloody Harvest on it, a Baby Maker ++ and it still hasn’t unlocked (Heckraiser).

And a third, this time, with VIDEO! (Because 2K support is demanding it, and their form won’t accept it because it keeps timing out before it will append it to the ticket I have open.)

I think to get credit for killing badass and rare spawns you have to kill their ghost. Just downing them is not enough.

Killed Rakkman! And it was close but I think his ghost hit me before I could explode him and didn’t get credit. Had to do it again.

Heckraiser isn’t supposed to be about killing the mobs, it’s looting a legendary from the event. I’ve gotten 5 today and no unlock yet. Unless I am misunderstanding the challenge. I’ve killed the end boss twice or three times now. Got credit for those. Got credit for the 50 weapons, for the ghosts I’ve killed, so far everything I know I’ve done except Heckraiser.

Edit: and I think I’m getting loot blind, and misunderstood your post. I’m going to step away from the controller for a while after editing this.

I’m not even sure that the version of the rare mob was even the RIGHT version of it, because I think (and could be wrong) that the haunted versions look different, and this one didn’t, even though a ghost came out of him, and I can’t promise I managed to kill the ghost though I think I did. But I might not have.

I have a ticket open with 2K on the Challenge not unlocking. I sent one of my legendaries to someone on my friends list and they don’t think Heckraiser unlocked for them either. 2K has a whole list of stuff I’m supposed to do like setting my console on fire and throwing it out a second story window, sending a cheek-swab and a blood sample - a whole list of stuff I need to do still yet (supposed to delete the game, delete my game saves, clear my cache and redownload everything), but I just hard restarted the console and I’ll see if that helps. I’m laying down for a while, too darn jittery from farming too hard and selling off 20 million in loot for the day so far.

God I love in game events.

So apparently there is literal new and never before seen Legendary gear exclusive to The Bloody Harvest event. Legendary items with Bloody Harvest traits have nothing to do with Heckraiser, if in fact there are new Legendaries. If this is the case, as I’ve not found one yet, this is why it is not unlocking for me. It is either a failure to understand on my part, or a lack of disambiguation on the Challenge text.

So it is possible things are working as intended. Possibly (and arguably poorly), but as intended.