Bloody Harvest Challenge Issues

The following paragraph may seem like rambling but its an email I sent to gearbox explaining the problems I and hopefully others are facing with how the bloody harvest event is handled.

like the idea of doing specific challenges in order to gain the event loot such as the skins and trinkets, however, these challenges can seem impossible to complete especially if you want to do them with all 4 vault hunters for all the skins. since haunt and the enemies don’t respawn. The area has no fast travel station means you have to do the mission 25 times in order too complete the haunt mission for the event, thats 100 times if you want to do it with the vault hunters. that’s an insane amount of time just to complete the event because you have to collect the 25 hecktoplasm each time. what I am asking for is a fast travel station at the starting area of Heck and a respawnable boss fight so I can just fight him 25 times instead of going back to sanctuary to do the mission each time, thanks.

the response to the email was just a calculated response saying that we are sorry this has taken your enjoyment from the game, not even listening to a thing I brought up.

The rewards are shared, meaning you only have to complete the challenges with one character. Progress isn’t shared, so you’re stuck using that character.

thanks for clearing that up but still, doing the half hour of collecting souls is tedious and pointless all they need to do is add a fast travel.