Bloody Harvest Challenges & Rare Enemies Spawn

What’s going on with these challenges? I cannot even encounter Borman Nates and Demoskaggon and those two I need to get the challenges completed so I can move on. I don’t think any rare enemies should be that low if the challenges are tied to them

Edit: Found both but after hellish amount of restarting in-game. Encounter rates too low and frustrating. I hope this is an one time challenges and not doing these again on my other 3 VH

Agreed. If anything tied to a timed event is outside of the event map, they should have a at least higher to a 100% spawn rate. Otherwise, all event based challenges should take place inside of the event map.

I tried to go after Bormal Nates last night. Before this event he spawned almost every time I have gone to his location. I saved and quit 3 times trying to get him to spawn. He never showed up so I gave up and moved on to something else.

I felt the spawn rate was more than fine. I recall having a much harder time camping rare spawns in bl2 and I mean it gave me some direction for what to do as I gather endless hecktoplasm. Done with that and moving on to proving grounds to farm heckto. Its been out about a day and after a few hours I have like 10 challenges done I think and the worst one is going to be the kill haunt 25 times so anyone that doesn’t care about getting the weapon skin can clean up the others in a couple of days…

Guess it’s a bit troublesome if I want the char skin on any of my alts but thats hard mostly because they haven’t finished the story yet and can’t access mayhem or some of the areas for the spawns so I might have to push them through the story a bit. An issue since moze is my bank toon but I might want striped leggings on her at some point in my life. Even zane might have a green and white irish look he can do with the stripes idk… but my girl amara will have them and thats the important thing… even though I will prolly never unequip ravenous

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Another reason right there as to why all challenges tied to a timed event should be self contained within the event map. As you stated, if people are just now starting the game or have not progressed enough in the main game, they automatically forfeit being able to get all of the challenges for the timed event.

Also, unless I missed something…Hecktoplasm is not infinitely gather-able. You have to farm 25 each time you want to go back to Heck. And unless you have started the mission with Maurice, you don’t actively collect hecktoplasm.

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its not infinitely gatherable unfortunately which sucks even more for story alts because they will want to leave the map and go turn in but will lose mission progress. I meant that I would be gathering it infinitely rather than it being infinately gatherable. Going to take a lot of hecktoplasm to kill haunt the req number of times. Thankfully I just need to get the weapon skin on 1 char so I think I can do that between my work hours. I do wish the char skin reward (since its exclusive) was lower down the list. Having fun with the rest of it, just dread playing my alts if I choose to.

Fastest way to farm Hecktoplasm. Found this out last night with the group of friends I normally party up with.

  1. Start Bloody Harvest Mission by talking to Maurice.
  2. Set Mayhem to Level 3.
  3. Stay Solo or grab a group of friends to party up with.
  4. Play Cistern of Slaughter.

By the end of Round 1 if not Round 2 you should have all 25 Hecktoplasm.

I started doing CoS after I heard (from a video) that orange loot ghost appear bit more which I gotta do for a challenge. Still praying the event has it as doing 15 challenges rather than doing 60 challenges for the VHs before annointed event ends. Latter feels like an overkill to me

My Boss Has Been Ghosting Me All Week - Kill Captain Haunt 25 times. MUST repeat event mission for EACH kill. (Including finding 25 Hecktoplasm each time.)

Worst. Challenge. Ever.

Unless something special drops after completing the challenges they are completely optional. I have 10 more runs on killing Haunt. Skins are useless to me…so I’m hoping completing all 15 gives something special.

Been reloading 9 days straight to spawn Borman Nates. My last challenge. I could of got at least 10 unkempts in bl2 . Wasted too much time. Think I’m done with bl3 for a bit.