Bloody Harvest Character Skins

Just wanted to see if anyone can confirm that you needed to do the challenges for each individual character to unlock the character skins? Does anyone know? It seems the other stuff may be global unlocks except the character skins.

It’s shared. So far, I have the trinket. I’ve logged on different characters and they all have it. But I’ve noticed that challenge completions are not shared.

the trinket and weapon skin should carry on all characters its saved to your profile save as well as character skins but it may be class specific i dont have 12 challenges done yet but hopefully not

Trinket, weapon skins, echo skins, and room decorations are shared account wide while skins and heads are specific to a character. I’ve been lagging about on completing the event challenges due to a need to make mules to store stuff because I’m filling up too fast on M3 which feels like a combination of what feels like a ninja tweak boost to drop rates and the M3 modifiers nerf that has me rolling over just about anything without a care in the world regardless of what mods actually roll.

I was worried about this since skins have seemed to be character-specific so far, but I just unlocked the event skin on my Moze and when I went and checked it was there on my Zane, too!

(edited to add picture for proof beyond my word)

I am thrilled that I don’t have to grind 12x challenges on all my characters (I don’t even mind the 25x Haunt grind but that was push me over an edge if I had to pick who I had time to unlock the skin for), although I do think it would have been fun to share progress between all of them especially since the rewards are all shared.