Bloody Harvest drops not dropping

Is it just me or are the Bloody Harvest legendaries just NOT dropping this time around? I remember last year I kept getting the same 3 legendaries over and over (especially that shield) but this time around all I’ve managed to get are two level 65 Ghast Calls(which is what I want but I’d like 4 total)

What gives Gearbox? Are you still trying to prolong this game by making event drops super rare now?

I hope there will be a hotfix on Thursday to up the rates of Loot Ghosts and fix the rewards not working. :crossed_fingers:

It’s not just event drops. I’ve been trying to farm DLC loot and only getting core gameplay world drops. Every “Free Event” screws up looting… Everytime

They do seem fairly rare compared to what I remember last year

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Not having that issue tbh. I’ve gotten at least one every time I kill Haunt and in some cases Loot Ghosts have even dropped several.

i’ve gotten 3 but sadly the challenge just will NOT reach complete for getting them