Bloody harvest easter eggs? spoilers

So did any one see any kind of Easter eggs in the map any where.
Iooked around a lot my self may have missed some stuff but im guessing the keymaster is a call to the keymaster in ghostbusters i may be wrong just a guess. Vinz Clortho the key master

Also are the 4 diff color skulls a easter egg ?The ones u can interact with befor u drop down in the blood room on the wall.

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The four skulls are a puzzle that leads to a red chest

The 4 pumpkins at the top of the stairs in the room before are the order they need to be activated. Going from left to right

Right to left if you’re looking back from the skulls themselves. Just clarifying for people.


guess i should not shoot them yet then. did not realize they were colored.

and it can have the same color 3x in a row.

I’m pretty sure that the skeleton in the first open coffin you come across is an Assassins Creed easter egg