Bloody Harvest event effect will not de-activate

Been using this bloody harvest event past couple weeks with the loot the universe. I have events disabled right now, and I’m still getting the screen glowing green, the sounds, and the negative weapon effects. I’m not seeing any ghosts tho.

I have tried reloading the game. Still doing it. Anyone else? None of my gear have anoints from the event. It was deactivating fine before today.


Also have a little question. Will the gear that drop from the loot the universe include DLC drops that normally drop else where?. Example being, Zane’s Seein’ Dead COM. I always farm for it in jacks’ casino, and the VIP tower. I have never seen it drop anywhere outside of their.


Just tried to enable the cartel event hoping it would end the Bloody Harvest issue, but it didn’t. Cartel event works and the Bloody Harvest effects are still going also.

I just submit a support ticket.

If your using the schlooter you get the green screen glow when it’s activated on kill like your haunted.


My understanding is that loot the universe does not include DLC drops. E.g. Seeing Dead can only drop within the Handsome Jackpot DLC locations. A while back when they had proving ground events they did have some DLC gear drop in those events, but I think loot the universe is just base game content.

Regarding bloody harvest: I haven’t noticed anything and I toggle back and forth. I assume you’re not using a ghast call grenade–it’s not anointed but if you were playing as zane sntl or the clone could drop/throw one depending on how you spent skill points. If you have that grenade equipped it could be why you’re seeing/hearing the effects.

what about the creepy sound. :slight_smile:

I have tried without the shlooter and all the effects still happen.

are you using terror related anoints on your gear?

nope none what so ever.

here is a clip I made earlier… that is no shlooter, or any item that came from, anoint from the Bloody harvest. @36 sec. that wouldn’t be shlooter.

hmmm… I think it might be fixed. I just finished playing coop with my bro, and his game was also doing it.

Then I realized mine wasn’t anymore, it had been. We were doing cartel event. My bro’s is still doing it tho. In a solo right now, and I have not seen it happen for a 5 min. I have events disabled. Cross my fingers!

Thanks for the reply… but ya I was using that grenade, and I do have my sntl dropping them. I just finished playing cartels with my bro and it has seemed to fix itself. My bro is still getting it, so we going to figure his out tmr. It weird its happening to him now because I was the host.

I’ve tested again with that grenade, it still seens fine. I see the ghosts from the grenades, and I am getting the glow from the shlooter like I should.