Bloody Harvest Farming Kills the Soul

I went into this event looking to grind out potentially multiples of the unique legendaries, so far I’ve only gotten two Stalkers, which were both awful guns, and a scream of terror, which seems like a pretty cool shield mod, but I dunno how useful it actually is.

Gearbox had a note in a hotfix right after BH dropped “increased Captain Haunt droprate” this feels like a gigantic joke to me, the dude hardly ever drops even 1 legendary when I kill him. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and he’ll drop 2-4, but both times this has happened I just get a Stalker and a bunch of crap terror anointments. :rofl: like I just want that goddamn Shotgun Haunt

Doesn’t help when the Haunt fight glitches out if you kill his Phylacteries to quickly.

I really ■■■■■■■ hope that ghosts don’t spawn in the Maliwan Takedown this month, that will be rage inducing if they do.

Bloody Harvest ends December 5th.

Haunt’s drop rates are beyond abysmal.

His loot pool containing “normal” legendaries is crap design.

Event Bosses should drop Event Loot…or nothing…

over 60 kills on TVHM M3… NO EVENT LEGENDARIES…


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Every event legendary I’ve seen dropped from either a badass or loot ghost. Seems that’s been the common theme. Focus on the ghosts.

That’s the vibe I’ve gotten, loot ghosts definitely give the best drops.

Yeah just farm whatever you can do the fastest. Almost all my drops are from Badass Ghosts in SS.

If you’re on PS4 I got some extra shotguns I can give you no trade necessary.

Getting on topic though I have never gotten a stalker, had to trade for it. And out of 25 kills he only dropped me one ghast call, every event legendary I got was from ghosts.

The drops for me have been roughly:

2 ghast calls
8 shotguns
3 shields
0 snipers

1 boss drop total, he usually drops nothing on TVHM M3 or random non event legendaries.

on PC but thanks for the offer :ok_hand:, is the shotgun any good btw? I’ve heard the grenade mod is busted, but absolutely nothing about the fearmonger

I’m not really sure, I mainly play an elemental tanky Amara build and I don’t really need to use it, but I did use it a few times and it melted Captain haunt quickly enough.

It’s just there are so many weapons that can basically do the same, so I’d say at the least it’s a good gun.

■■■■■■■ finally

Just going to leave this here.

Haunt - 4 legendary drops (in pic on death).

Loot Ghost - 2 legendary drops.

Randoms - 3 Legendary drops.

All one run. It’s just bad RNG for some people, but the rates are exceptionally high.

Man, you… lol.

This topic is from before they buffed the drop rates buddy. lesigh

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I was gonna say. Lol. Didn’t even check the date!

I have been having shitass luck with Bloody Harvest, only need the grenade mod now tho.

I did have Haunt drop 4 legendaries once for me before, but not a single one of the event items :joy:

So since I stopped trying to farm, I have found 2 shields, 4 shotguns, 2 grenades. I’m running through tvhm with moze, and just going through I collect enough hektoplasm about halfway through each mission.
Provides a nice break from the mission too.
Do a chapter, do a heck run, rinse, repeat.

This is my method. Was nice to collect while questing…take a break. Kill haunt. Back to questing.

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I m drowning in Event grenades but nothing else :slight_smile: