Bloody Harvest Ghosts

Bloody Harvest ghost needs to go. I’m tired of trying to focus on enemies that shoot me and having a skull chase me down. Its even worst when you got a badass fanatic with infinite rocket launcher shooting you Can’t we just get a proper fix instead of events that drag the fun down farther? Because I feel that Bloody Harvest dragged the game fun level down. I think Maurice should be talked to, to kill the ghost instead of having the ghost on constatyl, I also hink Heckshould be open at all times instead of needing hectoplasm. Drop rates suck so its too time consuming to farm Haunt , then collect 25 more hectoplasm. I just gave up and want to buildup Amara and Fl4k to 50 since I already got Zane to level 50. Its very annoying because of the ghosts that drag this game down. I just hope the first dlc i s worth it because so far disappointed with how BL3 been handled by Gearbox. Two months no performance issues fixed, and feel like fixing the game is more important than events anyways.

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Addressed in the latest hotfix (today). Spawn rates will continue to decline as the event draws to a close, although the ones that do spawn will drop more hecktoplasm to compensate for those who haven’t had enough of heck yet.

Unfortunately they announced their plans for the additional content before they tested the game on consoles… Gotta build that hype!

The newest hotfix will help tone down the ghosts further so give it a shot. If all else fails you can still give the offline method a run - it’s just one more week and we should see something performance wise improving.