Bloody harvest gun challenge?

regarding the bloody harvest event
is this not considered a “bloody harvest gun”?
because it does not count towards killing haunt with a “bloody harvest gun”

That challenge might mean you have to use one of the legendary guns, the Fear Monger or the Stalker (at least that’s how I did it).


I think this is the case, however I find it hypocritical that you just have to loot Terror annointed gear for the collected 30 BH items challenge.

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that confused me

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also is it a known bug that like every second time i fight haunt, his third orb disappears and he stays immune for ever?

Yes - if you drop those shrines too fast, you’ll get this. Make sure they’re all fully spawned before dropping them, and this shouldn’t be an issue.


Yeah this is an issue for me when using a Frozen Heart.

Yeah you need to use Fearmonger or Stalker and keep in mind just like the cryo challenge Haunt dying to other things like Dots or FITSD damage etc will not trigger the challenge. I had to kill him several times before it counted.

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horrible challenges xD (badum tsss)

That cryo challenge was the worst with Amara. Finally got it tho.

Pro tip, wipe haunt down to a sliver of health, make sure no more dots are hitting him, then finish him off with one of the bloody harvest guns.

Honestly more annoying than fun.

i just killed him with this gun

but i probably didnt because it was short fuse or what ever -.-

I’m saying Skag Den put in the heavy lifting . . .

i gotta change out some class mods and skills -.-

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I went down to M1 so the gun could kill before shortfuse did the work

i changed my build for a moment

I also killed him with a stalker. Didn’t change build, just wore him down to almost dead and emptied my ENTIRE fully filled amount of sniper bullets into him.

Talk about a weak gun without building for it.