Bloody harvest haunt cant be killed

i start the fight, hit him down until his first phase begins then i destroy the spawned altars the problem is there spawn only 2, the previous 21 kills there spawned 3 altars due to that his phase doesnt stop. its now 6 tries in a row where this happened.

is this gearbox method to make sure everyone plays this event for a whole month?


I just had the same happen to me - Only spawned 2 of the shield generators and ended up dying to reset. Haven’t tried to run it again yet.

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That happens quite frequently on my end. Today I had to save-quit 6 times in a single run to be able to defeat him.

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i found waiting for all the shield generators to spawn helped. Since i slowed down and waited i haven’t seen the issue again. Not saying it’s a fix for you, but it seems to have helped me.

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Happens to me a lot too! And he is not droping event items for days now. Getting frustrated with this event, why keep killing half the time I have to reload cuz his shield cant be taken out, and not getting any event items to drop.