Bloody Harvest Haunted Bounty Enemies Potential Bug

The Bloody Harvest challenges feature some… interesting “quests” for the players to nab some new skins. However, some of them seem impossible due to the Haunted enemy Bounties like Borman Nates.

The problem? The quests to go hunt these enemies, if you haven’t already done the quest or have it in your log, don’t appear. I have spent over two hours trying to have literally ANY bounty quest show up on Sanctuary 3 and none have appeared. Tried multiple characters. No new bounty quests. If I don’t already have the quest to kill that special enemy then they don’t appear. If I haven’t already completed the bounty quest the special enemy doesn’t appear. I LITERALLY cannot complete all the challenges on certain characters because the bounty quests don’t show up.

Anyone else having this problem or am I just ■■■■ out of luck?

I’ve never done any of the bounty quests (my friends aren’t very far along in their games), but I’ve finished the rare spawn missions for the Halloween event by running to the rare spawn location and if they haven’t appeared exiting to main menu and repeating. It took between 1-10 times resetting for each.

They will show up without the quests i promise. I got them all done without using the quests in about 15 min, just keep reloading until they show up

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That isn’t working for me. I was dong that for close to an hour last night. Nothing. That’s why I decided to post about it. I’ve literally been doing that exact same thing for Nates since 7:30 (PST) this morning. Nothing.

EDIT: I’m just going to try reinstalling the game and see if that helps.

They just spawn anyway, sometimes takes a few save quits but they do spawn. Rakkman only at night though.

Yeah, I’d be worried at that point too that something was wrong more than just bad luck. Hope it gets sorted out for you.

The bounties only appear for you when your friends kill the respective bounty target. They appear for your friends when you kill them. But the bounty target will still spawn eventually without the bounty. That’s why they are rare spawn minibosses.

Have you found him yet? I’ve been quitting and reloading for two days and he still hasn’t appeared

You have to go to their spawn areas. I didn’t have the bounty hunts completed either but if you go to their spawn area they should appear. You just have to keep quitting and going back to the area via by save point and keep repeating until they appear