Bloody harvest heads are not available!? How to make them available?

So I heard that there are two new heads for customizing your character. I also heard that they should be available right after you start the game with the new “bloody harvest” event live.

Can someone confirm?

Because I dont see them at the quick change station. Or do i have to do sth special to get them?

If this is not the case, than thank you very much Nerfbox for just another bugged update of software trash!

Help or fixing is appreciated.

(I play normal version on Xbox One)

I believe that they are random loot drops like a lot of the heads/skins.

I have them on xbox it’s a TV and a ball

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Did you get them just by installing the update or did you have to do sth / find them?

I just had them in inventory. There might be more that drop because the cap went from 24 to 28 but I haven’t had any drop yet

two of the bloody harvest head skins, only show for use when you play online.

the “if spooks could kill” skin is useable online or offline

I am playing online all the time. Still no heads for me!

@Gearbox? Do you know about this problem? Will you fix it?

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No, they are not random. They are supposed to be applied to your account automatically.

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Hmmm well then I haven’t seen them either.

I have got the same issue. Did not get them :frowning:

This is just aweful.

And the worst part is that nerfbox doesnt adress these issues. They are completly absent on their own forums.

What a dilettante way of executing an event and adressing bugs.

Have you tried opening a Support Ticket with gearbox? They are really helpful. I contacted them once because of missing skillpoints but I cant be too bothered about the skins though.
Too lazy :sweat_smile:

yes I did. no useful response until now…

I’ve sent them several emails about a side mission issue I’m having. They responded right away but it was as if they didn’t ANYTHING in my original email. When I attempted to reply I got a kickback from Comcast saying their mailbox was full. Gearbox’s mailbox was full. Let that sink in for a bit, hahahahahaha.

Not having two ugly heads is “just awful”? You are definitely drama royalty.

Well, weather they like them or not is subjective, innit?

The skins should be there, they are not. We talk about it. No biggie

If gearbox is unable to dish out one single update without any bugs ,then in my opinion it is awful.

They do big commercial what they add to the game and then it is bugged. That is awful.

But if you have such low standards, fine for you. So what is the purpose of your post?
Does it help the discussion? Does it help fixing the problem?

I got the two heads but my girlfriend didn’t. She sent in a support ticket Saturday but doubt they’ve responded yet. That’s probably your best bet though is make a support ticket and just let it go for now. Give it a week and if no response write another.

I got these without even noticing them. I noticed the “new” sign when checking for a new skin unlocked via tokens. I just opened the heads tab and saw a tv head (really cool) and also a ball shaped one. I’m sure they just unlock by themselves, they cannot be picked up.

I haven’t gotten them on the Xbox. It is “awful” when they can’t even get a simple thing like this correct in a patch. I know theya re getting bombarded left and right with complaints, just fix some small basic issues and show us you are listening.