Bloody Harvest Heads Clarification

I put in a ticket asking about the two heads for Bloody Harvest. the reply back was I had to purchase the Neon pack or Retro pack for the two heads.

What are those and where would I purchase them?

For the Ps4 version its in the PlayStation store. Otherwise I’m not sure. Probably in the X-box marketplace if you are playing on X-Box One.

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Thank you. I found them. Didn’t even think there would be packs for sale for the game yet. It;s only been out a little over a month.

@mDaro The neon packs and and retro packs are sold with the deluxe and super deluxe versions of the game. The base version of the game doesn’t include any packs.

$4.99 each on the Xbox live page.

I meant to say they were sold with the deluxe and super deluxe at launch lol. My bad :joy:

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What? Was this ever communicated in that way?

All I can remember, these two heads are for free.

Now it seems you have to pay for microtransactions first, to get sth else in addition. If that is the case it is a really nasty move by gearbox.

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I don’t know if it’s because I already had the packs or what but it was already in the system when I went to equip them.

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