Bloody harvest Heads not Available in Quick Change (Xbox)

As title states, went to quick change to equip my Halloween bloody harvest head and they aren’t in there. They aren’t unlocked by challenges either. Asked two friends to check and they have the same situation.
Is this a known bug?

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere I did a search and didn’t see anything…

I recommend submitting a bug report

If you’re talking about the TV and Orb heads with skulls on them, I’m on XBOne and they were available for me. Have you tried the first thing you should always try on XBOne to solve problems like this: fully rebooting/clearing the cache?

No I have not tried clearing my cache.
I will try that tomorrow.

I just thought it was odd that 3 out of 3 people I talked to on my friends list had same issue. Unfortunately it the largest sample size I could gather personally due to the fact most of my list stopped playing BL3 already :disappointed:

Also, what prompted me to check here, was there were people complaining of same issue in the comments on some twitch channels.

i’m on PS4 and they aren’t there for me either where do i file a ticket

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I don’t have them either. I’m also on the Xbox.