Bloody Harvest: Inactive?

Thought it was supposed to go up until December 5th. And it says inactive for me.

Gonna try to restart the game but seemed weird. I just have 3 tasks left to go and it’s done.

i am guessing the 5th december was a typo and was supposed to be the 5th november, otherwise it will cross over with the maliwan takedown which may be just silly with ghosts coming out of the new harder enemies?

Mine did the same thing last night, I let the hotfix load a few minutes and no pumpkins, loaded in game and quest came back up. Next time I went to screen pumpkins were there.

PS if you are right I still had 8 traunt kills, jeeze,…

Seems to be back to normal after I relaunched the game.

Still annoyed that demoskaggon won’t apear after many attempts

no idea then other than current hotfixes not applying. perhaps @Noelle_GBX can shed some light?

Well, this is sure to meet mixed reviews…

was playing without this ■■■■ on… suprised me when i started to see those ■■■■■■■ things again…

now i’m done playing this ■■■■■… god what a ■■■■■■■ bloody piece of ■■■■ this event turns out to be…

if i knew i wouldn’t have bought the damn game…

Well damn, that was quick. Like I said, mixed reviews.

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its a fun grind, i dont get the hate. just the drop for many items or unique kills is for some reason non existant for me. Ive had the demo spawn once since bloody harvest started and it didnt count my kill because i was in a vehicle. it hasnt spawned since.

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The hate isn’t for the event itself or completing the event. It is pretty well designed and fun in my opinion.

The mass hate, which I share, is that the entire game is infected with these annoying skulls that inhibit normal play.

If the ghosts were only active while you have the quest active, this event would have been extremely popular. One simple oversight that should have been easy to recognize cost them lot of bad PR.

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Yes, PLEASE stop with Harvest crap. It was fun for a week or two, but enough is enough. At least give us the option of turning it off!


I’ve literally been scolded because I asked for a way to turn the event off.

And here I just want a slaughter shaft run where the last wave of the last round has more enemies than badass ghosts… The event is fine but when I get more holiday crap than mobs to kill the whole inactive thing sounds like a dream.

…Totally agree.

I just started a TVHM run with a character today and thought it was very refreshing to not have to deal with those annoying ghosts. I was assuming it was due to not having Sanctuary available yet, but now I’m no longer sure.

I do agree that they should have an option to turn it off, the event. Or only active when quest is up.
But I do hope it goes until December 5th as stated.
I don’t get to play as often as seems to be the norm. I have much to do still and still haven’t found a single legendary from event.
I’d like more time to achieve it.

It will say that if you’re offline. If you go into the game quickly enough from the main menu (before it loads the fixes), your game will be offline. If this is the case, it will ask you to go to the main menu to load updates when you pop up the game menu. Don’t know if that’s why it’s doing that in your game, but it’s one possibility.

No, the 5 December date has been mentioned in other places too.

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Your internet were probably down when you launched Borderlands. That’s why relaunching worked.

I think these events should have an option to switch them on/off. The skulls are directly affecting game play and it’s a looong event.

Try killing some bandits you detect in the camp near the demonskaggon spawn. When there are certain number of enemies spawned in the game, it won’t spawn more until you kill them.