Bloody harvest invincible ghosts

The ghosts in bloody harvest or now invincible so I can’t kill them in the heck hole or out of the heck hole. I also can no longer progress through the heck hole because the phylactery’s are invincible as well. They don’t receive damage or sometimes they receive a little and stop and every once in a while their health bar is green. This is almost game breaking because I’m being attacked by these things constantly and can’t kill them or even hurt them. I reset the game and nothing has changed.

I didn’t have this issue. Instead, I was playing two nights ago, and there were NO ghosts/skulls/terror. I wasn’t at the Heck Hole, but on Pandora where you fight Mouthpiece.
Lastnight, same thing, no intro to Terror in start screen (no pumpkins or skulls chasing Claptrap). Then about on 3rd farming of Mouthpiece, the skulls show up. I had not even noticed till I got “Terrorized”. Not impressed with this event. Loot is useless later (most green/white weapons are boosts in getting terror, not giving it). I wish I could opt out the event. I don’t want to kill Haunt 24 more times… (reminds me of SCoobyDoo episode evil guy…Haunt).

on which plattform are you playing on?

When that happens it means that the micro patch isnt loaded, if you go to the main menu and wait a little while it will load up. Happens to me sometimes when i first boot up the game.

I’m on Xbox. Tried going to the main menu and waiting. Nothing a changed except now I have an audio glitch as well lol. I’m sure that will sort itself out. I’d like if I didn’t experience a new glitch every 10 minutes playing this game.