Bloody Harvest is gone

I thought it was staying untill Dec 5th. Correct me if im wrong but its still Nov.

It’s still active. Just make sure you see the “Hotfixes Applied” note appear on the main game menu screen (right beside the Play button, attached to the post in the background as a piece of CoV propaganda) before you hit “Play”.

That’s how we know it’s a lie!

But it’s not a cake, so it can’t be a lie…

Hmm got me there

I wish it was gone. Can’t wait until Dec 5th!

Its still there but for some reason it takes it a few seconds to initialize on the main menu screen before actually starting the game with a character. Probably because its triggered by a hotfix like ping from gearbox since its not intended to be active outside of limited windows of time. I ran through Heck on M4 a few times. Didn’t find any new or interesting drops though.