Bloody Harvest issue

I’ve killed Haunt once, went back , collected more hecto, turned in and recieved same request, kill haunt…
is this a glitch or is the content repetitve, killing same foe is a waste not to mention annoying!

Doing the collection is the only path into heck hole, and killing haunt 25 times is one of the event challenges to get cosmetics.

Thanks for the info. since I’m a casual player this is a quest line I wont follow through with.

Its live till december 5, Its really faster than it looks like. Getting to haunt takes around 20 mins, gathering the hecktoplasm takes another 15 mins( proving grounds, any arena, high density area) takes around 1 hour for a cylce.

I was put iff by the challenges at first, my wife and I are kinda casual too but the rewards are nice and easy to complete