Bloody Harvest Issues

Logged into the game, talked to the dinosaur to receive the quest. Had to log out for a little bit, when I came back into the game…no longer have the quest and when I talk to the dinosaur he just says random voice lines…what the crap happened!!!


I’m not sure but did you get that update message when you pause the game? Many times I rush from the title screen and into the game but forgot to update it first.

It could be that otherwise that is some bizarre issue

Have the same problem. On ps4 talked to Maurice, got the quest, went back to main menu because I then got the message that it wanted to update the game and can’t find it anymore. And I can’t favourite/ mark as junk my weapons in my inventory only when in the machines to sell the guns


Don’t worry, it’s ■■■■■■■ lame. No new enemies they literally just gave the same enemies you’ve already seen “spookyy” names

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I actually did play it. Stopped, crashed, woke up, and now nothing

Now, it’s back up

OK, here is what happened to me. I spent about 3 days gathering stuff and building up Moze to take on the Zero Target of Opportunity in Tazandeer. Had I known how easy that was I wouldn’t have been so apprehensive about it. OK, I got through it easily and got my Lyuda from Zero. It was a 982x2 damage and fired, I think, 18 rounds per second. Well, it looks like I lost everything I’d done in the last 2 or 3 days, including the Lyuda and the Whispering Ice I got going through the Jacob’s Estate plus all the stuff I’d done in Reliance. I want my stuff put back to where it was right before this downgrade to Bloody Harvest. I want, also, to be able to shut the damn thing off.

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Close to the same issue with me on PC. I started the quest, killed the boss but had to quit and log in the quest area as I was in a rush. I thought i could come back in and check for loot in the area, then turn it in. No dice. When I logged back in I was back on the ship with no record of the quest and Maurice just gives random spoken lines. I’m still low level. That was no easy fight for me…would hope to at least been able to turn it in as complete. Poor design or bug?

i woke up today and cant access it :confused: losing hope for this game quickly

same issue here, very dumb

Exactly the same problem with mine

Just go kill some ghosts. Usually resets everything.

Where are the ghosts. I have yet to find any.

But same issues as others. Regardless of mode or build or progress through the game, Maurice will not give a mission to any of my characters. He just says some lines when pressed to talk. No side missions available either.

Make sure you are online and see the Halloween theme. If you get a notification for an update… do it.
Go anywhere you want, say Athenas. Start killing stuff. You should get ghosts coming at you after a kill. Kill ghost. This should open up Maurice. Go to Sanctuary and talk to him. Hope this helps.

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This happened to me today, quit to the main menu and waited a few minutes then loaded the game and it was working again

That’s the problem. I am playing through the Epic console on PC. I’m still trying to troubleshoot why I can’t connect online. I have a bunch of golden keys I can’t even get to.

Gearbox using Epic was the worst business partnering decision. I really hope they open this game to Steam. I’d start all over just to not have the headaches I am experiencing with Epic.

Ah… OK. hope they fix it for you guys.

I have the same problem I started the quest , But was waiting to level up to the quest level , got tired quit for the night next day it was simply gone and Marice the dinosaur just says random lines !

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Killing the Captain Haunt challenge 25x not working too

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I am having the same problem exactly! getting pretty annoyed with this as there is a time frame for the event.