Bloody Harvest Keymaster bullet reflect bug?

So I’ve been farming the Bloody Harvest event as my Amara for fast elemental killing, and using my Hawkin, and of course been farming it on M3. However i found myself dying alot at random against certain enemies and i finally figured out what it was. Whenever i get the 5% bullet reflect chance, and then fight a key master I die almost every time. I’m not sure if this is a bug not not every time i fight a Keymaster it seems like bullet reflect raises on them to about 70%-80%+ chance as almost all my shots come back at me and kill me almost instantly even beyond my elemental HP regen. Anyone else noticing this issue? The reflect isnt that bad on normal mobs, but is abnormally high on Keymasters.

EDIT: maybe its not just the keymasters but Hell Hole in general? i dont know. 5% chance is very small but i just got wiped out by a mob i had phaselocked when i was shooting at crit spots to have 100% of my shots reflect back in 2 full clips of my gun. Seems to me like it bugs out when shooting crits and then will make it so all crit shots reflect on me