Bloody harvest "loot a legendary bloody harvest legendary" not working

so I have looted a few “scream of the damned” legendary but I have not got this challenge yet

I had to equip mine to get it

Your lucky, I have yet to even find one. It’s literally the last challenge I have to do. Killed Captain Haunt around 30 times now. If it makes any difference, TVHM Mayhem 3.

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yeah you have to equip it, must have been a typo!

So now the question becomes; So I have to get it dropped or can I just have a friend mail me one to equip? If it is the latter then I can see those guns being mailed a lot during this event.

I got one of the scream of the damned from the keymaster in the blood room or one of the other mods there for get what one it was.

I totally missed that there were new items (gear, I knew there were new cosmetics) and even submitted a help ticket (that was useless and wasted time) because I thought this was bugged. I had picked up many legedaries with Bloody Harvest modifiers on them and misunderstood the text for the Heckraiser Challenge.

The loot is so annoying!! Killed Haunt 30+ times, no fear monger or cloning ghast nade!

I would like to say the “loot” includes ANY anointed item with a terror effect

I killed a loot ghost in Lectra City which is where i was getting the ectoplasm to travel to heck…
It dropped 2 anointed fear mongers straight up.

I might sound dumb here but, Is there anything you can do on heck other than just running through and killing haunt? Like it took me 20 mins first time then realised its just the same mission on repeat??? or am i doing something wrong?

You’re doing nothing wrong, this is correct

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Did you ever test this? I personally don’t care to farm for the cosmetics - but my wife wanted to. If we can trade to unlock after getting just one I would at least not feel like I’m being drug through unrewarding content lol

No because I haven’t gotten lucky with my drops, and my friends that are currently playing are Meta/farm players. So they refuse to even pick up event gear or terror annointed items. So I don’t even know how good the halloween weapons are, although I am having fun messing around with terror annointeds.

However you will still farm a lot since only one challenge is to equip an event gun. For the challenge to equip 3 terror guns, I just equipped 3 white terror annointeds. Also killed Haunt by getting the last few shots with one of those whites.

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I got a fearmonger shotgun last night. After equipping it, it gave me the challenge for looting a legendary Bloody Harvest item. I was in a friend’s game at the time. So once I got the challenge, I handed him the gun. Once he equipped it, it gave him the challenge.

So the conclusion is that: you do not need to be the one to loot the Bloody Harvest-specific legendary. You just have to equip one. So yes if you or your wife get one, equip it to get the challenge complete. Then hand it over so they can do so as well.